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Brass Tacks, from the colloquial phrase “get down to brass tacks,” refers to the essence or fundamental aspects of a given subject.

In our collective, the artists are the core of theatre-making and the relationship between actors, playwrights, and director is the foundation on which we build our work.  We believe in process over product, valuing time spent in the rehearsal room, in workshops, and in development, as much as we appreciate performance.  We pride ourselves in conducting a playful atmosphere that fosters collaboration, the opportunity for discovery, and the development of new ideas. The work of our collective is a labor of love, a playful experiment, a passionate invention, and a joyful exhibition.

We are a group of like-minded artists who have been working together on various projects for many years.  After many collaborations, we decided to make our long-term theatrical affairs official—we formed a collective.

The artists that work within the collective work with many other affiliates, in different venues, and on varied projects.  Brass Tacks Theatre Collective serves as a touchstone and a home to which we can return to create our collective work.